Tirlith Shawl/ Pattern by Abbey Phelps

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This shawl really appeals to me.

Tirlith Shawl was designed by Abbey Phelps who is the creator of some stunning shawls and scarves that we carry here on Earth Faire. It is another one of hers that plays with the idea of creating wings for us via our shawls.

Here is what she writes:

This shawl is meant to represent all the feathered things in the fantasy world. Use a black yarn and create a raven or a black swan, use a fire yarn and create a phoenix, white will give you a pegasus, don’t forget about harpies, griffins and chimeras. White mohair would make wonderful angel wings.

Size is determined by yarn weight rather than what size you work. For example a small in worsted weight yarn is a large shawl. A small with a fingering weight yarn is a small shoulder shawl. A large with a fingering weight yarn is very large.

If you start the shawl and decide it is too large or too small you can adjust halfway through. There are two different endings to allow you to choose which you prefer. The endings take different amounts of yarn so if you find you are running short on yarn you can work the shorter ending.

What you should figure is this, yarn-wise:

Extra Small: 500-600 yards

Small: 600-700 yards

Medium: 800-900 yards

Large: 1100-1200 yards

This pattern is fully charted. Each knitter must be able to recognize knit and purl stitches on the wrong side.

A real beauty.

What a marvelous opportunity to play with a great design -- and end up with a simply stunning shawl.