Topsy Turvy Beaded Hearts/ Pattern from HeartStrings

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A wonderfully fun collection of designs, allowing you to play with beads in a wonderful variety of ways!

This pattern is a marvel. You get a bonanza of 10 (!!!) projects using variations on a heart-themed bead design. There are five styles of wristlets, plus a headband/ stand-alone collar, sock-not cuffs, and three styles of hats. Don't worry, the instructions take you step by step in knitting a planned color sequence of beads.

Some of the projects require fingering weight yarn with 8/0 seed beads, US 1 and 3 needles. Some use sport or DK weight yarn, with 6/0 seed beads, US 5, 6, and 7 needles.


I love these. Jackie E-S came out with this beauty quite a few years ago and it remains one of my very favorites. It is a marvelous grouping of beautiful options, that made for wonderful gifts -- or just those times when an accessory is what I'd like to make.


There is such a wealth of beauty here and such an amazing jumping off point for creativity that I am in awe.

If you would like more specifics, just email us. We show a few of the individual projects below -- and are not even scratching the surface of all you can make.

This is such a fun pattern.