Tranquility -- Full Circle

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This is an amazing set of yarns that opens up oh-so-many possibilities!

What you see here is a full circle made up of 24 "micro" skeins of yarn!

The yarn is a 75/25 blend of superwash merino/ nylon and each skeinette is 10g with about 46 yards.  

Thus the full set gives you 1,104 yards of fingering weight yarn, the colors  gradually changing one to the next. 

I love it. 

There are a huge number of designs that this would suit, either as a full circle or using parts of it here and parts of it there.

And so we decided to offer this amazing set of yarns as itself and let you enjoy the whole creative process.  

This colorway makes a truly wonderful set. 

Tranquility is a new colorway and covers a striking range of colors, not quite a rainbow but truly rainbow-esque.  :-)

I see colors running from yellow into lime into soft green into teal into blue into violet into mauve into raspberry into apricot into amber into gold.  

If you would like some ideas for patterns to use with this set, I have a few ideas that I could share.

And btw, if you would like suggestions for beads, just contact me

Big smiles here!  :-)