Tree Syrups: A Variety of Sample Bottles

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Every now and then we find something that is not quite EarthFaire in the sense of it is not fiber-related but is very EarthFaire in terms of it being new and intriguing and fun to explore.

These New Leaf Tree Syrups, organic deliciousness as produced by The Forest Farmers, is definitely in that category.

I quote here:

The New Leaf Tree Syrups, produced by The Forest Farmers, is a premium line of artisanal, certified-organic sweeteners made from a variety of tree species.

Our single-varietal tree syrups, syrup blends and syrup infusions are handcrafted from maple, birch, walnut, beech and other species to provide the greatest diversity of plant-based syrups in the world.

Our 10,000 acres of beautiful forestland in New York and Vermont is carefully managed for a wide diversity of tree saps, sustainably harvested timber, wildlife habitat, public recreation, carbon storage, and other wild foods such as ramps, ginseng, mushrooms, fiddleheads and more.


We brought in a variety of their small 2 ounce glass bottles in varying syrups and blends so that you can try them out. 

The base price you see under the photo on top is for the Pure Maple Syrups, any of the three types.  The other syrups are a bit more; the addition in cost is noted via the drop-down menu. 

A, B, and C:   Pure Maple Syrup comes in three types:   Golden Color Delicate Taste, Amber Color Rich Taste, and Dark Color Robust Taste.  These are the table syrups you are more used to, the Delicate one being the fanciest grade with hints of vanilla, the Amber one being great for pancakes, yogurt, ice cream or whatever, and the Robust being what is collected latest in the season that works great for baking or blending with foods and beverages. 

DMaple Walnut combines the beloved flavor of pure maple with the buttery and nutty notes of walnut syrup to add distinction and sophistication to all of your culinary creations.

E: Maple Birch: The familiar, warm taste of maple with the raspberry-like essence of birch creates a fruity twist on a time honored tradition. 

F: Maple Balsam Fir:  Here they have infused the boughs of balsam fir in to the sweetest and more delicate pure maple syrup. The unique, clean, woodsy flavor is matched by its familiar and warm scent.

G: Pure American Beech: Strong notes of dried pear and raisins adds complexity and sophistication to any recipe.

H: Sweet Birch: Made from the early spring sap of wild birch trees, this nutritious and intriguing syrup has a fruity, raspberry-like flavor with mineral overtones that truly shines in sauces, marinades, glazes, and dressings.


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