Trendsetter's Transitions Lux: 2 Colorways

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Colorway #111- Neutrals
Colorway #111- Neutrals
Colorway #115 -- Olives to Cream to Salmon
Colorway #115 -- Olives to Cream to Salmon

Please note: 

I purchased these Transitions Lux yarns from Trendsetter at a very good price as they were being discontinued. 

However, I just discovered that these sometimes have quite a few knots in them.  To quote from the email I received from the yarn company: "This yarn is just a hit or miss with the knots, very inconsistent...I am sorry for any Inconvenience but this is just the way this yarn is made."

I find this rather dismaying.  Honestly I had had no idea when I purchased them and would never have offtered them for kits if I had known.  

Here we have set them at the wholesale price.  If you want the yarn -- and it is lovely --- just know that knots are a strong possibility.  

And please, anyone who bought these in the past for any kit in any colorway (i.e. Transitions Lux):  if you have run into an annoying number of knots, do contact us.  


The yarn is from Trendsetter's Transitions Lux, a most unusual blend of colors and glitz.  Made up of 49% cotton/ 47% acrylic/ 4% metallic each cake is boxed and has a generous 620 yards/ 150g (yes, already wound for you). 

Perfect for warm weather and for transition seasons.  

The Colorways

1. #111 (Black, White, Cream, with black metal):  This is a perfect neutral, very sophisticated indeed. The metallic flecks are very subtle here. 

2.  #115 (Olive, Cream, Salmon, with green metal):  A beautiful summer blend of colors, a bright salmon blending into a beige cream and ending with an olive.  The metal parts stand out more here and catch the light beautifully, creating a most striking look.   (Sorry, sold out)