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A Walk By The Shore, dyed in Verve
A Walk By The Shore, dyed in Verve
Morgan Le Fay, dyed in Leeana
Morgan Le Fay, dyed in Leeana
Nim's original shawl, © Nim Teasdale
Nim's original shawl, © Nim Teasdale

I've had my eye on this design, Trickster, for quite a while.  And all it took was for Kelly (of The Unique Sheep, aka TUS) and I to put our heads together for a great yarn set to develop for this beauty. 


Note you can get the pattern directly from Nim on her Ravelry page This will save it in your Ravelry library and ensure you get any updates as soon as released.  

Or if you prefer I can email it to you once the kit is packaged up or even print out a hard copy for you.  Just select via the "Pattern" drop-down menu the form that suits you best.  (If you are going to get it directly from Nim on Ravelry, set the drop-down menu here to "No Pattern Needed.")


The Design

Here is what Nim writes about the design: 

Designed with some sneaky little quirks which make it easier to knit, The Trickster is a beautifully satisfying shawl that looks much more complicated than it is.

The Trickster is a crescent shaped shawl with an engagingly tricky cable and slipped stitch scrollwork over a striped garter base. It is edged by two interesting laces based on Naomi Parkhurst’s secret code stitch patterns for ‘Cunning’, a frequent theme in Norse mythology, and ‘Spark’, as Loki the Trickster, was also a fire god.

Designed as part of a collaboration with Anne-Lise Maigaard for the Gorgeous Gradients ‘Places Real or Imagined’ CAL, here.

The two yarns listed above were used in the sample, however it is suited to either two contrasting skeins of fingering to sport weight yarn, or a single gradient cake worked from both ends.

The minimum yardage listed (400m) would make a slightly smaller shawl than the pictured sample. There are several repeatable sections to enable the shawl to be made larger. Yardages listed refer to fingering weight yarn - a sport weight would differ in both yardage and final measurements.

The shawl can be worked entirely from written pattern, or charts with some notes.

My project notes can be found here.

The Yarn and Colorway

Our kits do not use the same yarn nor the same colorway as you see in the photos here of Nim's original.  You can see our yarns in the inset photos upper-left-hand part of the top picture and then again below that. 

What we have brought in are two yarns and two colorways for you to choose from. 


Kit A is made up of Verve, 100% superwash merino.  Each set is a five skein unit, 5 x  100 yards/ 25g.  

The colorway is A Walk By The Shore, and gradually changes from a clear sky blue into a violet into mauve.  There is even a bit of sandy plum at the last skein.   You decide which skein to start from and which end to finish with, with enough yarn for the contrasting tendrils. 


Kit B is Leeana, a more expensive 51%/ 49% cultivated Silk/ Merino yarn, again five skeins though here each skein is 110 yards/ 25g.  

(The extra cost is shown via the drop-down menu labeled "Choose.")

The colorway is a brand-new one we worked out with Kelly that we have named Morgan Le Fay, after the figure in Arthurian legend.  The colorway is a delightful blend from coral to rose to lilac to violet to blue.  


A thought about beads:  Nim didn't add any to this pattern and there is so much else going on that you might also decide to leave them off as well.  I could see some lovely bling added the the bottom edging as being a lovely addition.  However, tastes vary so think on it and if you would like some beads to go with your yarn set, contact me and I'll make some suggestions.  



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