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Kit A -- your kit will include two sets of the Party of Five skeins unless you tell me differently.
Kit A -- your kit will include two sets of the Party of Five skeins unless you tell me differently.
Kit B -- ditto
Kit B -- ditto
Melanie's original shawl.
Melanie's original shawl.

True Colors is a beautiful shawl by Melanie Berg, aka Mairlynd on Ravelry.

This design is one that has been on my radar for a while now.  We carried the original kits from Lorna's Laces a few months ago -- my only reservation on them being that all the colors were warm and I tend to like (and be able to wear) cool ones.  

So I have had my eyes opened to finding a set of cool colors we could offer for this beauty and I am very pleased with what we came up with. 


The pattern must be gotten directly from Melanie on her Ravelry page What we offer here are yarns we found that will look awesome knit into this shawl.


The Design

Here is what Melanie writes:

Let your true colors shine in this eye-catching shawl!

Whether your style is bold, elegant, playful, or simply unique - you’ll find this asymmetrical triangle shawl to be the perfect playground for your personality.

It knits up to a generous size, with a simple lace pattern creating a stunning scalloped effect. Eyelet stripes separate gradient color bands, which become the accent color when the scheme is reversed near the end.


The Yarns

We are not offering the same yarn or colors that Melanie used in her original.  You can see our kits in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.  

Knit in fingering weight yarn, the original kit used a one-skein's-worth of background color (about 400 yards/ 100g) + ten small amounts of contrasting colors.

The contrasting colors need yardages ranging from 26 yards as the smallest amount to 86 yards (the largest).  The total amounts used in the original for the contrasting colors is (per my calculator) about 580 yards (528 m)/ 135 grams.  

We did not put together ten colors of contrasting colors.  Instead, we have a lovely set of five colors as put together by Sweet Georgia Yarns in one of their Party of Five mini-skein yarn sets.  Each of these skeinettes (of 80% superwash merino/ 20% nylon) gives 105 yards for a total of 525 yards.  

In order to be sure you have enough to spread through this very generously sized shawl, the kit as set up via this web page includes two sets of the Party of Five in each kit.  You will have six colors to play with instead of ten, and well more than you need of each. 

(If you'd prefer taking your chances with only one set of your Party of Five, let me know and I will set you up with that somewhat smaller kit. This would subtract $38 from the cost of the kit.)

Take a look at these lovely shawls knit for True Colors using Party of Five sets. 

For our background color, we have included in the kit one skein of Tosh Merino Light, with 100% merino wool, 420 yards per 100g skein.  

The Colorways

Kit A: 

Party of Five set "Whisper": includes sapphire, bluebell, lupine, iris, and empress, all almost-solid subtle tonalities of purples and blues.

Tosh Merino Light in Killing Me Softly:  a gentle variegated yarn with cream and gray primarily including some speckles and dashes of teal and pink and fuchsia. 


Kit B: 

Party of Five set Fairytale:  includes marine, iris, mulberry, lady grey, apricot (all almost-solids ranging from deep blue into purple, lightening up and ending in apricot)

Tosh Merino Light in Winter's Rest:  a variegated blend of ivory and gray and bright pink with speckles of navy.  


Pattern has been tech-edited and test knitted.

Just remember: the pattern is not included in the kit.  You must get your pattern from Melanie directly on her Ravelry page


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