Tsubame from Noro: Colorway #2 Kamaishi

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Tsubame is a delicious yarn from Noro, wound into a large ball and with a plethora of colors with long color runs. 

The yarn is 50% silk/ 25% wool/ 25% nylon -- the silk, I suspect, is one of the reasons it feels so lovely running through my fingers.  Each ball has 656 yards (600m) per 200g. 

I took one ball and began to knit it in a scarf-sized version of Tuck Stars by Ute Nawratil .  You can see my progress in the second photo on this page.

The colorway here is #2, Kamaishi .  I see pink, fuchsia, red, gray, olive, lilac, sage, cream and violet -- I might have missed a few others.