TV Tuck: Kit of Air Lux

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Air Lux in Silver; 3 balls make up each kit.
Air Lux in Silver; 3 balls make up each kit.
Other photos of Ute's original piece.
Other photos of Ute's original piece.

A wonderful scarf that will take you to lovely places as you knit it!

TV Tuck by Ute Nawratil is intended as an introduction to "tuck" stitches, a simple variation on brioche knitting.


Get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here.  Our kits consist of some pretty special yarn only. 


The Design

Here is what Ute writes:

'Tuck stitches’ is the collective term for stitches that consist of several thread loops.

The best-known variant is the brioche stitch, in which the thread is laid over an existing stitch while slipping that stitch. If you repeat this process more often, i.e. put threads over a stitch several times before you actually knit it, you will get interesting effects which will expand your knitting repertoire considerably.

This stole is intended as an entry for everyone who wants to try tuck stitches, for the first time.

It is made of a simple pattern that is repeated continuously, That makes it a great side project, as soon as you have grasped the rhythm (hence the name TV Tuck).

Width and length can be adjusted as desired.

Because this pattern is so simple, the yarn should take the center stage. The only condition: It should not be too variegated. Nice results are achieved with a solid-colored, slightly shiny yarn or a longer color gradient. The pattern works with any yarn weight; however, the needles should be at least one or two sizes larger than indicated on the banderole.

Yarn and Colorways

Taking our cue from Ute's suggestion on yarns (and even more specifically, one of her original pieces) we offer kits using Katia's Air Lux

Our colorway is different than the one she chose -- you can see our selection in the inset photo on the top lefthand corner of the first picture on this page and again below that.

Air Lux is a very shiny and sleek yarn made up of 70% viscose + 30% virgin wool and each ball has 328 yards (300m) per 50g

Thus three balls make up each kit (as Ute suggest yardage of 984 - 1094 yards (900 - 1000 m).  If you would like a fourth ball, contact me and if we have stock, I will set you up with an extra one. 

Currently we can offer this kit in Silver  which is just what it sounds like --- a medium gray that with the amazing shine of this yarn truly looks as if it is made of silver.