Udderly Divine Bag!/ Lucy Neatby Pattern

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I couldn't resist this! For those with a real sense of humor, for sure.

Here is what Lucy writes:

"An outrageous bag for the light-hearted knitter. Worked in the round with integral strap loops made in the edge before moving into two-colour stranded knitting. The teats are knitted into the udder using waste yarn openings with an optional double-knitting method given to speed the knitting of the teats. The ardent knitter may even leave the tips of the teats slightly open to allow yarn to be dispensed through each one! The bag may be lightly felted for extra strength."

Size: Medium and Large adjustable depth

Skill Level: Intermediate

Techniques Used: Two-colour stranded knitting, scallop openings, waste yarn openings, optional double-knitting and felting.

Recommended Yarn: Approximately 150g each of three colours of Cascade 220 (Yarn is used double throughout).

This is simply amazing -- I am in awe!