Under the Canopy Lace Shawl: Beaded Kits

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Our yarn
Our yarn
Anna Victoria's original piece.
Anna Victoria's original piece.

A new and beautiful beaded lace design from Anna Victoria of By the Lily Pond designs, we have put together some kits complete with beads so you can knit her Under The Canopy shawl.


Be sure to get the pattern directly from Anna on her Ravely web page here Our kits do not figure in the cost of the pattern and give you simply the yarn and beads to knit this with.

Please note that the pattern requires you to be able to knit from charts; there are no written descriptions. 


The Design

Here is what the designer writes:

Inspired by the Flower Duet from Léo Delibes’ opera Lakmé, also known as Under the Dense Canopy (Sous le Dôme épais).

Thick dome of jasmine, under the dense canopy where the white jasmine blends with the rose. Bank in bloom, fresh morning, on the flowering bank, laughing in the morning. To the pond where the snow-winged swans joyfully play! Let us pick blue lotuses…

This is a top down Crescent shape shawl.

Yarn and Colorways

We do not offer the exact yarn that Anna Victoria used in her original.  You can see what we offer for our kits in the inset photo on lower left-and corner of the top picture and again below that. 

As the amount of yarn will depend on the yarn used and gauge (needle size), Anna recommends having between 340m and 410m (which "translates" to between 372 yards to 448 yards).

Our yarn is from Katia, their Infinity Shawl, 100% virgin wool wih 656 yards/ 150g. So you will have well more than enough.

The colorway does not have a name, just a number (312).  If I had the naming of it, I'd call it Caribbean as it blends soft sea green into deepening teal. 

The Beads

The pattern calls for 634 beads and with this weight yarn (fingering) one should go for 6/0 beads.  So we will include at least 55 grams of size 6/0 beads in each kit.

These could look very fine as a contrast color (I am thinking of Silver Lined Crystal or Silver Lined Crystal AB to seem like the sparkles of sunlight on the waves and foam) or in a bead that blends more to the colors in the yarn.

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.