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The photos are of Svetlana's original.
The photos are of Svetlana's original.
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Another very unique design by Svetlana Gordon.

 Scarf Unicorn Tears teaches you step-by-step how to get this most unique look in your knitting. 


Get your pattern directly from Svetlana on her Ravelry page here.  What we offer are the yarns as described below. 


Svetlana originally knit this into a scarf that measures 28cm x 200 cm -- in inches that comes to roughly 11" x 79". 

She used Mechita from Malabrigo, each skein being 420 yards (384m) per 100g and made up of 100% superwash merino. 

The two colorways she used were:
A - (color 889 Musas ) - 100g 
B - (color 120 Lotus ) – 150g 

What we have for this kit is the exact yarn and colorways she used (Mechita in Musa and in Lotus). 

However!  Important note:

Instead of two skeins of Lotus (which would give you 200g), each of our kits includes only one (100g) so you will be getting two skeins consisting of 100g of Musas and 100g of Lotus. 

Yes, that means a shorter scarf, likely closer to 52" (132cm) long instead.  Or my thought is that this would make a gorgeous infinity cowl perhaps...?

If you prefer to get two skeins of Lotus, contact us and if we have stock or can get it, we will set you up with the larger kit size.