Until The End: New MKAL with Lily Go: Beaded Kits

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Until the End is a brand-new MKAL by Lily Go!



Please be sure to sign up for your clues and pattern either on Lily's Ravelry page here or her Etsy shop here

What we offer is yarn and beads to use to knit this beauty!


The Design

Here is what Lily writes:

Until The End is a crescent shaped shawl worked from the top down.

This shawl is easy to adjust to your liking or the yarn amount you have on hand. It makes a great and fast project for that one very special skein.

The pattern is worked on the both the wrong and right sides. Pattern includes charts and written directions. If you would like to add beads to your shawl, I include instructions on where to place the beads.

Yarn and Colorways

What is needed is fingering weight yarn.  There are four sizes that you could knit your wrap in, with finished sizes (measurements taken when relaxed) of wingspan of 66 (82, 90, 113)” / 165 (200, 230, 288) cm and depth of 17 (22, 24, 31)” / 40 (55, 60, 78) cm

The amount of yardage varies for each size, of course: 

Yardage needed for size 1 (2, 3, 4): 440 (660, 810, 1250) yds / 400 (600, 750, 1150) m.

Our yarns are truly delicious,  from KFI, their Indulgence Kettle Dyed Fingering. This is a marvelous feeling yarn of 75% wool + 25% nylon.  Each skein has 494 yards 9450m)/ 100g.  

One skein will make the smallest size.

Each kit as set up here is for one skein plus beads (see below for more details on that).  This is enough for the small size. 

If you want to make a larger size: The easiest way would be to simply get multiple kits -- two skeins for the 2nd size, three for the 3rd, and four for the 4th. This will however give you some extra beads.  If that is fine with you, go for it -- or read on to the bottom of this page for an alternative. 


Top to bottom in 2nd photo:

Ocean is a green teal, cool and delicious. 

Sky is a pure sky blue.  I can almost see the birds flying.

Violet is a rich red-violet, closer in tone to irises than violets to my eye but gorgeous nonetheless. 



There are a lot of options for the beads, including not using any.  Our kits will include beads.

Lily suggests 250 (380, 500, 720) of size 6/0 seed beads or 550 (750, 900, 1200) 6/0s if you want to bead the bind off (optional).

Or! She says you might want to use smaller beads for the beaded bind off if you do not want the shawl to be too heavy.


We offer a choice of two sets of beads.  One gives you 550 size 6/0 beads; the other gives you 250 size 6/0s + 300 of the size 8/0s for the border.  See the drop-down menu labeled "Kit."

This will give you all you need for this smallest size. Again, multiple kits is a good way to go for a larger size.  

If you want to prefer a different combination of beads, tell me via the Comments section as you check out and we'll adjust. 


The bead colors could be of strong contrast (like perhaps silver lined crystal or gold) or of a hue that mirrors to some extent the color of the yarn you choose.  If you have a preference, tell me.  Otherwise I will pick for you.


If you are getting multiple kits for a larger size and do not want the extra beads that would give you or want to adjust in any other way, contact me and I'll set you up with a special web page with just what you would like for your kit.