Versailles: Red and Black

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As summer approaches we are always on the lookout for yarns that are suitable for warm weather wear.  

This new Versailles from Katia fits the bill in so many ways.  Plant-fiber based (97% Viscose, 2% Polyester, 1% Nylon) with 109 yards/50g, it is perfect for anyone who prefers to knit without animal fibers whether it be a seasonal decision, an allergy requirement, or a lifestyle choice. 

Plus Versailles is a soft and truly delicious yarn shot through with silver threads -- and that makes me thing Holidays!  It is never too early to start one's gift knitting and crocheting, don't you think?


We brought in two colorways, both solid colors with silver threads. 

Black : pure and simple and quite dramatic!

Red : rich true red; the color of red roses, holly berries, and Christmas ribbons too....



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