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Kit A:  Carnelian + Cloud Gray (one skein + two in each kit, not three as you see here)
Kit A: Carnelian + Cloud Gray (one skein + two in each kit, not three as you see here)
Kit B:  Amaranthine + Sunshine Yellow (ditto)
Kit B: Amaranthine + Sunshine Yellow (ditto)
Kit C:  Andesine + Blueberry (ditto)
Kit C: Andesine + Blueberry (ditto)
This and the following photos are all © Nim Teasdale
This and the following photos are all © Nim Teasdale

Vertigreen is a fun new design by Nim Teasdale.

The pattern is not part of this and must be gotten from Nim's Ravelry page.  What we have here is some lovely yarns that will work beautifully for this. 

The Design

Here is what Nim writes: 

Vertigreen is an eye-catching textured triangle designed for having fun with colour and contrast.

The pattern is designed to be interactive, both the straight and mullioned sections are indefinitely repeatable, and the knitter can shift between the two sections to make a unique creation.

The unusual stitch pattern is created by alternating stripes of stockinette and reverse stockinette, overlaid with lines of slipped stitches and mini-cables, creating a dynamic and 3 dimensional filigree effect.

The Yarn and Colorways

We are not offering the same yarns or colorways that Nim used in her original.  Our photos on this page show the sets we have put together. In the top photo you will see an inset with the three variegated yarns of our three kits.  Below that you can see the full sets.  We also show her original pieces and are there (with her permission) to show the design itself.

Nim writes that this design " ideal for showing off two contrasting or complementary skeins, or try a solid paired with a speckled or gradient for dynamic results."

Nim also notes that this pattern suits heavy fingering to worsted weight yarn in any yardage between approx 600m and 900m. That translates to between about 656 yards and 984 yards.

Here are what we have put together:


Our kits are made up of heavy fingering/ sport weight yarns. 

Each kit includes the new fingering weight/ sport weight wool blend from Louisa Harding called Luci.  Of 41% Virgin Wool, 41% Acrylic, 18% Viscose, each pre-wound ball has 349 yards/ 100g. 

The yarn is plied and the colorways have lovely color runs, lovely spans of color which makes this a great choice for the variegated yarn. 

The second yarn we chose for each set is from Kelbourne Woolens, their Andorra.   Each skein is 60% Merino Wool/ 20% Highland Wool/ 20% Mohair, with 185 yards (169m) per 50g skein. 

The colorways here are solid colors, chosen to pick up a hue in the Luci yarn without blending to much and getting lost.

Each kit will include one skein of Luci and two of Andorra for a total of 719 yards, divided almost equally. 


Kit A:  Luci in Carnelian, with cool tones of wine and sky blue, rose and violet, pink, gray, and just a whisper of gold.   Cloud Gray is our Andorra for this set.  It is a delciously silvery gray. 

Kit B: Luci in Amaranthine, beautifully rich Autumn colors showcasing goldenrod as a main look with some olive and violet and red as well.    The Andorra colorway is Sunshine Yellow, a perfect gold, just slightly lighter in tone.  

Kit C:  Andesine is the Luci colorway.   This is of cool colors, a blending of mostly blues and pinks, including deep navy and sky blue, rose and a bit of golden brown as well.  The Andorra is Blueberry, a cool medium blue. 


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