Viking Nordlys/ Baltimore Oriole

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This is beautiful yarn from Viking called Nordlys, which has (much to my dismay) been discontinued.  So nab it while you can; once it is gone, it truly will be gone.


A fingering weight yarn, each skein haves 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and 350 meters (385 yards). It is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon, and has a very soft and delightful hand.

The colors are dyed to create very long color repeats, which is wonderful for a large array of projects.

Now, total honesty here, after I bought these I saw a few negative comments on the yarn on Ravelry so I took a skein and experimented a bit. The yarn is a "singles" and one person felt that it broke too easily. I know that singles yarns can do that (though once knitted up, makes for a very strong fiber) but try as I might to duplicate this, I could not get it to tear while I was working on it. So either that knitter had a bum skein (it happens) or the yarn has been improved since. I found that the yarn was very easy to work with and tends to soften even more and fluff as it is used. It was not the easiest to take out if I made a mistake but not terribly hard either -- no where near as hard to "tink" as mohair, for example. So I feel I can safely recommend this yarn -- the colors are gorgeous and rich and the yarn itself is soft and delicious. I don't know how well it would stand up to being made into socks but I have no reservations on recommending it for scarves and shawls. Great for next-to-skin wear.

This colorway doesn't have an official name. It reminds me of the feathers of a Baltimore Oriole -- the male bird with his brilliant orange, amber, gold, and yellow feathers with olive green (the trees and grasses perhaps). A hope of spring.

A beautiful yarn -- email me if you'd like any suggestions.