Vineyard Silk/ ~30 yard hanks

Price: $4.70
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We have in stock some really nice silks, usually sold for embroidery, which were recommended to us by Sivia. These are great for those who prefer working with silks for their jewelry pieces. She found that she really like them, particularly for necklaces. The quality is high, the look is lovely, and the feel is superb.

And not only that, the price is excellent! The price seen here is for one hank (30 yards) of a Classic solid color.

Each single hank is close to 30 yards.


Instead of specific colors in these silk beauties, we are listing general color categories. This will allow for matching to your needs -- if you have a more specific request, let me know via the Comments section as you check out and I will try my best to meet it.

Colors go in and out of stock and we'll try our best to keep this web page updated.

Bear in mind that the "gold" is a gold color, not a metallic. These are almost all 100% silk, with only one exception, the white (called "Cloud") which is one of the Shimmer silks and has some metallic thread added to the silk. It also has only 28 yards instead of the full 30.


Make your selection from the drop-down menu. We think you'll be pleased.


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