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Shadow Fire
Shadow Fire
Wyvern's Lair
Wyvern's Lair
Sylvia's original shawl.
Sylvia's original shawl.

Great news!  We now have a (very) limited number sets for this gorgeous shawl in the Wyvern's Lair -- as described below.

Please note that the pattern is not included in this particular Kit.

You must purchase it directly from Sylvia's Ravelry Store


Oh my yes!

Kelly of The Unique Sheep (TUS) and I have been tossing around ideas for yarns and colorways that would work beautifully in this gorgeous design from Softsweater Knits called Waiting For Rain.  And I think we really came up with some beauties. 

The Design

Here is what Sylvia Bo Bilvia, amazing designer of Waiting for Rain has to say about this shawl: 

Waiting for Rain is a lovely, beautiful garter and lace crescent shawl that uses an unusual short row lace technique.

It fits perfectly over your shoulders and drapes in a way which is very pleasing to the eye. It’s worked top down with lacey increases.

Hacking your Waiting for Rain shawl PDF now included in purchase! This includes instructions for how to do stripes, how to move or add lace panels, make lace panels larger, and how to do the fancy knit-on cast-off shown in the two colour version. It also includes a tight-edge fix. I hope you enjoy!

Stitch counts included!

I believe that I may have developed a new technique! Charted lace short rows! This is different than any other charted0-style short rows I’ve seen because it can easily incorporate large lace motifs! I’m calling it softsweaters charted short row technique! (Because I’m pretty damn excited that I created a technique!)

The way the garter opens up to reveal lovely architectural lace is likelace-y rips through the garter. I’m pleased as peach with the way this project turned out. I hope you enjoy working it!

Take a look at some of the Project Pages to see what this pattern can help you create. 

The Yarn

Note that our kits not the same yarn nor colors as what Sylvia, the designer, used in her original; you can see what we have in the inset photos on the top picture and again right below that.  The other photos (included here with permission) are here to show the overall design and allow you to use your imagination. 

The original piece used between 780 - 800 yards (713 - 732 m) of fingering weight yarn.  

Since then, Sylvia has written up and included in the pattern data on how to add other colors via stripes.  And many of the shawls that you see in the Project Pages use a second color to do the stripes as well as the lace insets.  I love the look. 

And then I got another idea. 

How about if we combine a solid (or almost-solid) yarn with a set of gradiently dyed mini-skeins.  The smaller skeins could be used one at a time as the striping yarn to alternate with the main color,  giving a gradually changing field of color.  And the lace insets could also be knit with those mini-skeins as well. 

And as most of you know, Kelly and I have a special relationship.  Earth Faire has some gorgeous signature colorways that she dyes for us and here we combined some of those into this lovely kit. 

The yarns we used is  Luna and Sol, which some of you are familiar with from our Thirteenth Moon kits. This yarn is 75% superwash Merino, 20% nylon, 5% Stellina with the Stellina being silver toned (Luna) or gold toned (Sol), quite subtle and adding a special sparkle. 

Each kit includes a set of four small skeins, each with 109 yards/ 25 grams, totaling about 436 yards.  Plus one larger skein of 436 yards/ 100 grams.  So your total total will be about 872 yards, enough to knit without worry and make a most beautiful piece. 

The colorways have been dyed in what Kelly refers to as a "deconstructed" manner.  Each skein is a separate pure color that relates to the next and is drawn from the original Gradiance colorway.  

Your kit will consist of one larger solid color skein and one 4-skein set.

The Colorways

These are the ones currently available: 

1. Shadow Fire:  This takes the main colors of Shadow Fire and breaks them up in such a way as to work beautifully for this design.  The four-skein set ranges from tangerine to fire to rose to magenta. Stunning. The larger skein is Ashes, and is a deep charcoal.  With the gold threads shot through it, this looks quite dramatic indeed. Dyed on Sol, with gold stellina. 

2.  Wyvern's Lair: Based on a peacock's plumage, Wyvern's Lair is one of our most popular colorways.  Here the four-skein set runs from a shamrock green to a cerulean teal to lapis blue to royal purple.  Wow!  The contrast skein is Light Sky blue.  Dyed on Luna, with silver stellina.  

The Pattern

I quote Sylvia here: The pattern comes with both written and charted instructions! So for folks who aren’t comfortable with charts, you can just ignore them :)

Please note that the pattern is not included in this particular Kit.

You must purchase it directly from Sylvia's Ravelry Store.  This will also make sure the pattern is stored in your Library and should there be any updates, you will get them automatically.