Wakame: Kits

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Kit #1 with Parade and Pegaso
Kit #1 with Parade and Pegaso
Kit #2 with Baco and Candombe
Kit #2 with Baco and Candombe
Paola wearing her Wakame.
Paola wearing her Wakame.
Wakame set up to look like seaweed.
Wakame set up to look like seaweed.

A marvelously fun design by Paola Albergamo , Wakame is quite unique indeed!


Get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here What we have put together are yarns to knit this in!


The Design

Here is what Paola writes:

Wakame is a Japanese seaweed, that grows abundantly throughout the coastal regions of Japan, and has been appreciated for hundreds of years both as an ingredient of traditional cuisine and for its beneficial properties on the body.

It grows in turbulent waters and has a beautiful and elegant appearence when it fluctuates in the sea, with its long, broad leaves.

This design, inspired by the Japanes alga has a lot of movement and textural interest in the fabric.

Wakame is a skinny scarf formed by oblonged modules attached one to another while you knit.

Each module is started from the center using the lighter color with a magic cast on, then worked in the round using increases to obtain a leaf shape. Then a ruffle is worked using the contrasting color to add movement and fun. Finally, a second ruffle is worked picking up stitches from the middle garter ridge of the module.

The Yarn and Colorways

We did not make kits using the same yarn that Paola used in her original.  You can see our selection in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

Notice that Paola used a speckled colorway combined with an almost-solid to knit her original scarf.

Our yarns are from Malabrigo.  Most are Sock, one is Mechita, all are 100% merino superwash with the Sock having 440 yards/ 100g skein and the Mechita 420 yards/ 100g skein.  Regardless they are considered interchangeable and so we have no reservations on mixing them like this.

Our kits consist of one skein of each of the two yarns as described below.  We chose one speckled colorway and combined it with a tonal colorway that included similar colors.


Kit #1:

A.  A Sock colorway called Parade, this is a speckled mix of teal and fuchsia and gold on a cream background. 

B: A Mechita colorway called Pegaso, a tonal mix of teals and blues. 


Kit #2:  (sorry, sold out)

A: A Sock colorway called Baco, this is a speckled colorway on a cream backgournd that includes black and goldenrod and fuchsia mainly.

B: A Sock colorway called Candombe, at first glance a dark solid, on second glance you see purple and navy, black and sudued suggestions of gold.


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