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This is a most beautiful design by Chris of Ursa Major Knits.  We worked with Chris and with Kelly of The Unique Sheep (TUS) to create special kits for this. 

The Design

Called Wavily, the pattern can be knit in a number of sizes.  And to quote Chris: 

The beauty of it is, that you can knit this with any yarn weight without having to do the math. You simply start and knit either 2 waves (small), 3 waves (medium), or four waves (large), before you continue. This way you won't have to knit a swatch and can decide on the go which size will be to your taste.

We have put together kits that will allow you to make the small size or the medium size. 

One of our test knitters, Carolyn, used the yarn set we offer here to make the medium size and her shawl's finished dimensions are 11" x 68" wingspan. 

The Yarn and Colorways

Kiri is a tussah silk and superwash merino fingering weight yarn. The 4-ply structure produces a smooth, round yarn with a soft but firm hand. The 20% Tussah Silk is well blended without any slubs. The silk adds a nice bit of luster without being shiney.  This knits up great for lace patterns because it has a beautiful drape, excellent stitch definition and it blocks well.  


Each set will consist of about 150g of a Gradiance set, divided into 6 smaller skeins plus a 150g skein of a contrast (solid) color.  

Charmed + Violet is the one that Carolyn knit. 

Charmed is a new colorway for us and runs from a delicious apricot into strawberry and rose and ends up with a pink sorbet.  The contrasting solid color is simply a Violet, a cousin that goes beautifully without blending. 


The Pattern

Please note that the pattern is a separate item from the kit. 

Set the drop down menu labeled "Pattern" as you would like.

If you wish to get the pattern via Chris' Ravelry page, it can be found here.  If you decide to go this route, set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed" as you will get it there instead. 

Alternatively, we can print it out for you (16 pages) or email it to you before then. I will send it to you when I ship your kit. 

I have set up a drop-down menu so you can choose your preference.