What The World Needs Now/ Findings for Romi's Design

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A recent issue of the ezine, Knitty.com, has a lovely design by Rosemary (Romi) Hill called What The World Needs Now

The pattern is free but you must download it yourself.  You can find it here

Here is what Romi writes: 

I believe in love. I believe in equality. I believe that - if we work hard at it and open our minds to possibilities - we have the capacity to come together through our love of making. In the end, we are all much more similar than we are different.

These earrings are a wee reminder that love comes in all colors, shapes, sizes, genders and orientations. Go out there and love someone.

The honorarium for this pattern was donated to the ACLU.



Now if you look at the pattern page for these lovely earrings, you will see that all that is needed besides normal knitting equipment and some mini-skeins of yarn is one spool of  Artistic Wire 32-gauge wire [silver-plated copper; 30 yd per spool]; Non-Tarnish Silver, plus 10mm jump rings and earring wires. 

I am sure you all have plenty of bits and pieces of fingering weight yarn in all sorts of colors. 

So what we offer here is simply this: 

1.  One 30 yard spool of 30-gauge or 32-gauge Artistic Wire in Non-Tarnish Silver or Gold

2. Two large (between 7.5mm and10mm) jump rings

3. A pair of ear wires (silver plated or gold plated)

As long as supplies last, we'll also include some of those neat "stoppers" for earrings, so once you have them made you won't lose them. 

This should be a fun project!

Reminder!  The pattern is free but you must download it yourself.  Go here for the pattern for What The World Needs Now