When The Flowers Bloom Too: Beaded Kits

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Dirty Panther + Slate (Kit #1)
Dirty Panther + Slate (Kit #1)
Dreamweaver + Honeysuckle (Kit #2)
Dreamweaver + Honeysuckle (Kit #2)
Pop Rocks + Silver (Kit #3)
Pop Rocks + Silver (Kit #3)
Flashdance + Honeysuckle (Kit #4)
Flashdance + Honeysuckle (Kit #4)

Lily Go is planning another gorgeous MKAL, complete with lots and lots of beads!  What we have put together here are possible kits for you to use in your knitting of this shawl. 


The pattern for When The Flowers Bloom Too should be purchased on her Ravelry page. You will also find more data there about the MKAL. What we have set up here is simply kits of yarn plus beads.


The Design

When The Flowers Bloom Too is a crescent shaped shawl worked from the bottom up in two colors. The shawl generous length is perfect for many styling options.

This shawl is designed to be knit in fingering weight yarns adorned with plenty of beads (if beads are not for you, then you can omit them all together).

The pattern is worked on the both the wrong and right sides. Pattern includes charts and written directions. If you would like to add beads to your shawl, I include instructions on where to place the beads.

Yardage and Colorways

Again, the pandemic's restrictions prevents Lily from offering kits herself.  So Lily had emailed me and asked if I could put some together.

This shawl requires fingering weight yarn in 2 colors; she recommended two solid (or almost-solid) colorways.  

If you look at the Ravelry page, you will see the yardage requirements.  The kits we offer here will cover at least up to size 3, which would give you a wrap of roughly 77" wingspan and 16" deep.

If you would like to make a larger size, the easiest thing to do is to get two kits.  Or contact me to work out something special. Unfortunately supplies are a bit limited but we will do our best to accommodate you. ‚Äč

Each kit is composed of one skein of each of the yarns described below. 


In each kit, Yarn A is from Madeline Tosh, their delicious Tosh Mo Light, 80% superwash merino + 20% kid mohair and with 420 yards (384m) per 100g skein. 

Yarn B will be a rather unique yarn from Colinton of Australia, a light fingering weight 100% young goat mohair, with 115 yards (105m) per 50g skein.  This is an unbrushed mohair that has an amazingly silky look and feel.  

(This mohair will allow for even elaborate stitches without losing stitch definition. Although the mohair does have a slight 'halo", it does not shed.)


Kit #1

A= Dirty Panther, an almost solid approaching black with some deep charcoal tones as well. 

B= Slate, a solid slightly-bluish-grey


Kit #2:  (sold out, sorry...)

A = Dustweaver, a tonal blend of mostly greys and ecru with some subtle pinks and ambers hidden within

B = Honeysuckle, slightly tonal of light rosy pinks


Kit #3: 

A= Pop Rocks, an almost-solid of bright hot pink

B= Silver, a light grey with a real glow


Kit #4:  (sold out, sorry...)

A = Flashdance, a tonal almost-soid with subtle variations of purples.

B= Honeysuckle, again, these more of a tonal blend of rose tones, some light and some deeper. 


For this third size of the shawl, Lily writes to allow for 643 size 6/0 beads.  Our kits will include at least 60g which will give you about 720 beads.  

If you have a preference for bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 


Remember:  get your pattern from Lily here


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