Where the Forest Meets the Sea/ Kits with Bead Option

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Nim's original, all these © Nim Teasdale
Nim's original, all these © Nim Teasdale

This one really sings to me.

A beaded beauty by Nim TeasdaleWhere the Forest Meets the Sea is a striking shawl that just sings of glorious landscapes and breathtaking vistas. 

With the gorgeous Gradiance sets of yarn by The Unique Sheep + possible beads -- well, this is pretty darn special.   

Get your pattern directly from Nim on her Ravelry page here We offer the kits by themselves.

And note that there is an introductory 20% discount on the pattern until October 31st, midnight UTC. Enter the code forest at checkout.

It can be worked entirely from the written pattern, or from charts with some notes.  The pattern rows are worked on the right side only.

And I thought this was a neat thing to point out:  Test knitter Sanita60 wrote: Easy to medium, the pattern is written clearly enough that even someone who is just starting out on their knitting journey could do it.

The Design

This is what Nim writes:

Where the Forest Meets the Sea is a classy, semi-circular lace shawl. It is inspired by my favourite place, and from peering at maps of jagged places like Norway and Scotland, and marvelling at how the mountains ripple down to the coast, and streams become rivers on their way down to the sea.

The design uses an evolving, rippling wedge construction which grows smoothly as you progress through the rows towards an oceanic edging.

The Yarn and Colorways

Nim writes that all one needs is approximately 600-700m of lace to fingering weight yarn. That translates to 656 - 766 yards.

Our yarn is not the same as what Nim used.  You can see what we have for this kit in the inset photo on the top picture and again right below that. 

The yarn is from The Unique Sheep (TUS). 


This is a Gradiance set of Kiri yarn (80/20 blend of superwash merino/ tussah silk).  Each kit includes a set of 6 skeinettes, each of which is about 1 ounce or 108 yards of yarn, dyed in colors that go one into the next. 

So you will have a total of about 648 yards, just about enough for the medium size. It might be a bit tight though so be aware of that -- you will want to check your gauge on this one. 

The colorway is Arda, a rich and vibrant medley of cool tone, going from violet into blue into teal. 



About beads, Nim wrote:  

You’re welcome to add beads if you wish, but I couldn’t see anywhere that wouldn’t require gazillions of them. MythMouse has proposed the k1s between the yos, which is a good option for lighter beading. 

Or they could go on the double decs, but that would be a lot of beads, as would placing them on the decrease lines between the yos.. Or on the outer curves of the solid shapes.. This is why I opted out of beading this one!

So Nim's original shawls are bead-less.  And as it stands, the kits are also yarn alone.

However, how could we not also offer you the option of adding beads to your kit?    :-)

The drop-down menu labeled "Kit" gives you the choice of Yarn Alone or Yarn plus 35g beads.  This will give you about 400 to 420 size 6/0 beads. 

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 



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