Who Spiked The Shawl? Kits

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Here are J-1 and Black in Trekking.
Here are J-1 and Black in Trekking.
Alexis' original shawl.
Alexis' original shawl.

This piece is a real smile-maker. 

Please be sure to get your copy of the pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page.  What we offer is some striking yarn to knit it with. 

By   Alexis Hoy this Who Spiked The Shawl? design is great fun to knit.  

The Design

I quote Alexis here: 

Two sticks and some string might sound boring to the unadventurous - but you know all their secrets. Like how this daringly three-dimensional shawl could be created using just two straight needles. Short-rows, baby, short-rows. Flex your knitting muscles, hone your razor-sharp skills (find a use for that crazy-dyed sock skein you bought on a dare). Come on, spike it up a little.

The shawl is a slightly asymmetrical triangle knit from one long edge to the opposite tip, with decreases along the left edge only. The spikes are created with short-rows (much as you would create the heel or toe of a sock) and enclosed by knitting the back of the first row of the spike together with the corresponding stitches in the last row of the spike. There is also short-row shaping in the main colour sections so that the spiked sections flare out slightly along the right edge of the work.

The Yarn and Colorways

I asked Alexis what yarn she would recommend for this and she said that any of the brilliantly colored sock yarns work great.  

So what we have is not an exact duplicate of what she used but we think it is very fine indeed. You can see our yarn in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

In fact, we got a limited colorway in especially for this. 

MC:  Our Main colorway is a Trekking Sport yarn (which is actually fingering weight).   The yarn is 75% superwash wool/ 25% nylon, with 459 yards (420m) per 100g skein.  We brought in a simple solid black for a striking look.

As you will need about 545 yards (498m) to make a scarf roughly the size of the original, we will include two skeins per kit.  (If you'd like a smaller one and only one skein, let me know and I'll set you up with a smaller kit). 

CC:  Our Contrast colorway is one of a special colorway put out by Zitron to celebrate 30 years of Trekking!  This is one of three new limited edition "Jubilee" colorways: J1.

J1 is bright and happy colors, including gold and orange, red and aqua and lilac.  

All that is needed is about 398 yards (364m) and so one skein will be plenty.  


So your kit will consist of two skeins of Black and one of J1.