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The Hazy Daze Circle -- imagine a clock in the middle and pick six consecutive numbers!
The Hazy Daze Circle -- imagine a clock in the middle and pick six consecutive numbers!
Island Breeze (your kit will consist of the colorway dyed across six skeins)
Island Breeze (your kit will consist of the colorway dyed across six skeins)
Big Sur Twilight
Big Sur Twilight
Roi Soleil
Roi Soleil

We don't have a huge amount of data yet but we have lots of excitement about this one!

Designed as a collaboration by two of our very favorite designers, Nim Teasdale and Anne-Lise Maigaard, Wild Swan is a Mystery KAL that will start with the New Year. 

The pattern is being offered for free!  Get it and any additional data, when available, from this Ravlery page here.  


Here is what we know so far: 

Dates: It will begin on New Year’s Day, with the 4 parts being released on the 1st, 3rd, 5th &12th 
Yardage: 600 - 700m (note that is about 656 to 766 yards)
Yarn: Fingering or heavy lace weight; solid, semi-solid, or gradient 
Beads: 1100 (or 1908 for the die hards!) size 6/0 or 7/0 beads (Optional) 
Skill Level: Intermediate 
Pattern: Charts only


Kelly (one of the awesome dyers of The Unique Sheep) and I contacted both designers to ask for suggestions on colorways they thought would look awesome with their design. 

And so here we offer a chance to Pre-Order a kit for the Wild Swan knit.  With colorways chosen by these awesome designers (plus one more added in neutral tones). 

You need to figure on four to six weeks for the yarn to be dyed to your specification. 

Special note to International knitters:  please plan to order by the 2nd or 3rd week in November.  This time of year the postal service takes longer to deliver as they have so many packages being shipped. 

We have two yarn types you can choose between.  And a number of gorgeous colorways.


The Yarns

1.  Verve2 is 100% superwash merino.  It takes dye colors very well and is great to show stitch definition.

2.  Leeana is a bit more expensive as it is made up of a 51/49 blend of cultivated silk/ merino (just a bit more silk than merino).  The best of both fibers, this has some of the memory/bounce from the merino with the beautiful shine that comes from silk.  It tends to dye a bit more muted. 

Your kit will have about 800 yards of your choice, in six skeins sets of about 33g each skein. 


The Colorways

1.  Hazy Daze is one that NIm picked out.  It is a color circle.  You need to choose 6 consecutive colors.  Look at the photo of the circle and imagine a clock in the center.  Tell us what O'Clock to start with:  for example, if you choose 3:00 you will get a kit with 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00. 

2.  Big Sur Twilight was chosen by Anne-Lise.  It is based on a photograph my son took on the West Coast.  It has gorgeous olives and greys blending into blues. 

3.  Island Breeze was picked by both designers!  It was inspired by a trip to Aruba and showcases the stunning turquoise of the Caribbean gradually changing into a sandy beach. 

4. Roi Soleil is another one of Anne-Lise's choices.  This is a blend of golds, ranging from deep and rich into paler.  

5. Ash is the extra one we added so as to offer a true neutral set.  This is a play on gray with a whisper of browns to them. Deepening from a gentle and pale hue into deeper and deeper tones, it ends just shy of charcoal. 



The kits will include beads.  How many is up to you.  

Nim wrote me that this design uses "1100 or 1900 beads for the crazy and the really crazy".  


However, I noticed today (11/01) that Nim and Anne-Lise posted a bit more info about the beads.

Here is the latest data: The pattern is written without beads, but there are several possibilities for adding beads if you wish. Some suggestions will be offered, one adding 1100 beads, the other 808 beads (or 1908 for the die hards!) Less will also be possible. You could bead the picot edge, too. If you follow the MKAL thread HERE, you will be able to get more advice on beading if you need it.

So note that the beads aren't charted in the usual way with their own symbol--- on this pattern, Nim and Anne-Lise simply suggest to bead certain stitches.

Nevertheless, your "default" kit will give you the 1,100 beads, actually a bit more (100 grams or about 1,200 beads) of either Miyuki or Toho beads, chosen to look good with your yarn. 

If you want the extra beads (1900+), that option is also possible.

Take a look in the drop-down menu labeled "Kit" to set your bead amounts.

Tell me if you have a color preference.  Otherwise I will choose for you.


Additionally: if you decide that you'd rather have less beads, please contact me and I'll work it out with you.

And as the beads are optional,  if you absolutely are decided against adding beads at all, tell me and I'll refund that portion of your order.


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