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Chaparral -- Dark Evergreen -- Chaparral
(Only one of each per kit)
Chaparral -- Dark Evergreen -- Chaparral (Only one of each per kit)
Damask - Thistle - Damask
Damask - Thistle - Damask (ditto)
Some of Natalia's original wraps.
Some of Natalia's original wraps.

Willow is a lovely wrap by Natalia Moreva, a simple knit that looks awesome. 


Get the pattern directly from Natalia on her website here What we have put together are yarns that would work beautifully with this design.


Natalia describes this very simply:

Non-stranded colorwork shawl.

Skills required: garter stitch, short rows, some slipped stitches, and chain cast on.

This shawl is worked diagonally from the corner, and can be knit any size.

Yarn and Colorways

We put together two kits, each consisting of one skein of a solid (or almost-solid) colorway and the other of a gradually changing colorway.  

These are not the same yarns nor the same colors that Natalia used in her originals.  You can see ours in the inset photos on the righthand side of the top picture and again below that.


Kit A

1. The solid color yarn is the misnamed Trekking Sport (it is fingering weight), of 75% wool + 25% nylon and with 459 yards (420m) per 100g ball.  The colorway is a very very dark evergreen.  

2. The yarn with looooooong color runs is from Freia, 100% merino with 430 yards (393m) per 100g cake.  The colorway is called Chapparral and runs from a light hazelnut brown gradually morphing into an olive and then a pale arctic blue. 


Kit B

1. Our almost-solid is from Manos, their Alegria of 75% superwash merino + 25% nylon with about 445 yards (405m) per 100g skein.  The colorway is Thistle and is a rich violet with subtle variations of tone. 

2. The yarn that changes colors is again the fingering weight from Freia, this time in the colorway called Damask.  Here the colors run from a fawn gradually into a purple. 


One skein of each as described above makes up each kit.  We show two of the Freia's in the photos as the difference in the direction of the wind shows well the colors of the range.


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