Wings of a Butterfly Wrap/ Pattern for Xie

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This is a wonderful lace wrap design using Xie, the bamboo lace weight yarn, from SWTC.

A word about Xie:

Packaged in a great little cone, about four inches tall, this is a wonderful way to have your lace weight fiber at your finger tips. It is 100% bamboo --and smooth as silk. It has a marvelous hand and a beautiful sheen to it. Really wonderful -- for those who can't wear wool, for those who won't wear wool, or for those who just want a change-of-pace.

This weight is 10/2 for those who understand those numbers, and for the rest of us, just think "regular" lace weight. Each of these mini-cones has a great 920 yards in one continuous strand (on a cone) to its 100 gram

What you need for this most lovely wrap, Wings of a Butterfly (very apt name, btw) is any four colors of Xie. You might want to go with bright spring colors as seen here or you may prefer cooler ones or any four to mix and match -- the choice is totally yours. A great way to play with colors!

And of course, Xie is not the only option for this shawl -- plan on any four colors of a lace weight yarn and you'll have a real beauty.