Winter Bloom Shawl/ Pattern

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Oh my goodness gracious, yes!

As soon as I saw this pattern on Ravelry I immediately had to email the designer to see if she would share these with us. And yes yes yes -- we can now present some gorgeous Dollybird Workshop designs, as created by Kourtney Robinson and I couldn't be more pleased.

Here is the first one that captured my imagination: the Winter Bloom, a scrumptious beaded shawl that really is calling my name. Actually the pattern offers two shawls, differing only in their degree of curve and blocking, their basic dimensions remaining the same.

We show the photos here of the original ones that Kourtney created: the grey version is the shallower shawl, and the teal version curves more. Both have the same lace bloom pattern and feature beads. The garter crescent is the same; it is simply a matter of choosing the shape that appeals to you and going for it.

Kourtney notes: The garter crescent is written, and achieves its shaping using strategic increases - no short rows! A dropped YO ensures that the edge is elastic. Both version of the lace edging are charted only, and lightly beaded using a small crochet hook to slip the bead over an individual knit stitch.

All that is needed is some fingering weight yarn -- the original ones used one skein of fingering (approx 350m/370yd, 100g/4oz) --- and 255 size 6/0 beads to make it really sing.

This webpage offers the hard copy of the pattern -- all 6 pages printed on heavy weight paper and slid into a sheet protector. If you should also purchase enough fingering weight yarn with it, we will include enough beads as our special bead gift to complete the shawl beautifully. Let us choose the beads for you, based on the yarn you select.

This is a wonderful piece -- a harbinger of Spring even at the beginning of Winter.