Winter Frost and Falling Leaves Capelets/ by Jane Thornley

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This was the first of Jane's designs to catch my eye -- well with beads added to the leaves, you'd kind of expect that, yes?

To quote our intrepid designer, "Instructions for this little traingular shawl are given in two views -- Falling Leaves in golds/rust/green and Winter Frost in deep green/white/black. Both feature bands of embossed leaf stitch with 3D leafy dangles and are knit primarily in hand-dyed Fleece Artist silk & merino with specialty yarn accents. Optional beading enhances the leaf stems and brings demension to the piece. This is bound to be a special accessory for a coat or jacket.

"Pattern is 16 pages long, includes color photos, instructions, plus a leaf chart and a guide to beading the leaves."

And, of course, Jane explains in full any and all yarn substitutions you wish to make.

Beauteous indeed!

P.S. What we offer here is the printed version of the pattern. If you prefer a PDF file, Jane offers that on her website.