Winter Frost and Falling Leaves Capelets/ by Jane Thornley

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This was the first of Jane's designs to catch my eye -- well with beads added to the leaves, you'd kind of expect that, yes?

To quote our intrepid designer, "Instructions for this little traingular shawl are given in two views -- Falling Leaves in golds/rust/green and Winter Frost in deep green/white/black. Both feature bands of embossed leaf stitch with 3D leafy dangles and are knit primarily in hand-dyed Fleece Artist silk & merino with specialty yarn accents. Optional beading enhances the leaf stems and brings demension to the piece. This is bound to be a special accessory for a coat or jacket.

"Pattern is 16 pages long, includes color photos, instructions, plus a leaf chart and a guide to beading the leaves."

And, of course, Jane explains in full any and all yarn substitutions you wish to make.

Beauteous indeed!

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