Winter Story Mittens: Kits

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Some photos of Svetlana's original mittens so you can see the design:
Some photos of Svetlana's original mittens so you can see the design:

Now that winter is just over the horizon, I find that my thoughts turn to mittens. 

These quite unique pieces by Svetlana Gordon she very aptly names Winter Story Mittens

Except for the thumb (which is worked in the round) these mittens are worked back and forth flat, from side to side and sewn together afterwards. Which makes them more accessible, I feel, even though the techniques used are rather unusual. 

The pattern includes lots of photos and very clear explanations. Short rows are used extensively to get the intriguing spans of color that you see in the photos.


Get your pattern directly from Svetlana on her Ravelry page here. What we offer is two yarns chosen to knit these up most beautifully. 


Yarn and Colorways

The original ones you see here by Svetlana were knit in two colorways of Malabrigo's Mechita yarn.  Our yarns are also Mechita and though the colorways are very similar they are still slightly different.  You can see our kit yarns in the upper left-hand corner of the top photo and again below that. 

Mechita is 100% merino with 420 yards (384 meters) per 100g skein.

Our colorways: 

Color A:  Instead of Svetlana's choice of Teal Feather for color A (an almost solid teal), we chose a Unique Colorway that Malabrigo hasn't named yet.  It is again mostly a teal but here there is a bit more of a still-subtle variegation, mixing teal and green in a lovely manner. 

Color B: And here instead of Svetlana's Lotus as a variegated colorway, we chose a brand new one called Ursula. Ursula is again variegated with spans of speckled cream (gold and teal speckles) interspeered with stretches of tonal purples.  


One skein of each colorway makes up each kit.