Wired Braid/ Gold, Copper or Silver

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This is an unusual "thread" from Kreinik that I like to use for Key Fobs and the like. As the thread has wire within it, it holds its shape however you put it. 

I have successfully knit with it and crocheted with it, with and without beads, though figure on larger beads with their larger holes (sizes 6/0 at the least). 

Here is how the Kreinik folks describe it: : 

Kreinik Wired Braid™ is exactly what it sounds like: a wired metallic thread the size of our Medium #16 Braid for dimensional embroidery effects. It was formerly known as Hot-Wire™. 

What can you do with a wired metallic thread in bright, cheery colors? Think 3-D as embellishments can come right off the surface of your design. Think TRIMMING, as you can add a funky edging to projects. WRITE words and initials and names with the wired thread. OUTLINE motifs to make them stand out.

Each spool is 3m in length (that's about 3.3 yards) and a lovely metallic look to it.  We brought in a gold , a silver, and a copper (like a new penny).  


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