Xochiquetzl/ Beaded Sock Pattern by Melissa/ Bead Gift

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This one really sings to me!

In the summer, my knitting thoughts turn to portable and lightweight projects -- a lapful of afghan is just not appealing, you know? And when Melissa (the amazing designer of Silver Bells & Cockle Shells and the Nouveau Beaded Capelet) mentioned that she had some sock designs, I was very enthused.

Well, Xochiquetzl exceeds my expectations!

Melissa writes: "Xochiquetzl is the Aztec goddess of fertility and the patroness of those who create luxury items. She is often depicted as a beautiful woman with a retinue of birds and butterflies. These socks with their opulent beading and stylized butterflies seem a fitting design for such a goddess."

I second that!

A lovely design using intriguing stitchwork plus beads (!!!), this one is sure to keep one's interest as you are guided through the creation by very clear instructions. Requiring only about 400 yards of a wool or wool blend sock yarn and 128 size 6/0 beads, this pattern will guide you through the making of three possible sizes -- the finished socks are lovely lovely lovely!

Worked from the cuff down, the gusset shaping is on the bottom of the sole. Plus the socks are mirrored for left and right so you won't feel like you are repeating yourself absolutely (ask me about the chore of Second Sock Syndrome, or rather maybe don't :-)).

BTW, the pattern is charted.

Because there are so many marvelous possibilities, instead of setting this up as a kit, we decided to set it up as a create-your-own-kit.

We highly recommend a solid or almost-solid color sock yarn -- there are lots in our Fingering Weight yarn section (if you would like a recommendation, let me know). Choose your yarn -- 400 yards minimum -- and purchase it with this pattern. We will "gift" you the beads, specially selected to go with your yarn, that you will need to make these lovelies.

Fun and beautiful -- perfect!