Yavie/ Kits in Crazy Zauberball

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Our kit
Our kit
Gry's original
Gry's original
These last photos are of IknowJack's pieces.
These last photos are of IknowJack's pieces.

Yávië is a most interesting knit, a double-knit + lace work scarf, by Gry Heidi Nordhagen

You should plan on getting the pattern directly from Gry on her Ravelry page What we have for you here is the yarn to make a strikingly gorgeous version of her design.

The Design

Here is what Gry says about this: 

Yávië is the name for the third season in the Reckoning of Rivendell. It corresponded to late summer and early autumn, and lasted for 54 days from August 12 to October 4. The Sindarin name for the season was Iavas. 

I found inspiration for this scarf in the harvest season.

The lace pattern is reminiscent of the heads of grain ready to be harvested, which makes it very appropriate for this season. The colors I chose show all the rich colors of ripe fruits and earth, and is a fitting tribute to Yavanna Kementári, the Valië whose domain was the living earth, the kelvar and the olvar (fauna and flora, to those who are not Tolkien nerds). 

Experience with double-knitting and lace knitting is recommended for this pattern. 
I have included illustrated instructions for certain unusual stitches used in the scarf.

I knitted the scarf in Drops Delight because I love the effect the variegated yarn produces, but the scarf can be knitted in any other fingering weight yarn.

The Yarn and Colorways

As I was looking through the Project Pages at finished versions of this shawl, I came upon one by IknowJack (Rav name) that you can see here.  She used two colorways of Crazy Zauberball to great effect and I decided to try to duplicate that in these kits.  

We show photos of Gry's finished shawls which used a different yarn; the last three photos show IknowJack's pieces (used with her permission).  You can see what we have for these kits in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. 

Crazy Zauberball has 459 yards(420 meters)/ 100g, 75% wool/ 25% nylon,  a marled or two-color plied yarn each ply having its own loooooong color runs.  

We have the two colorways that IknowJack used. 

Piano Bar is a dark mix of hues, including browns, mauves, violets, and olives. 

Kleiner Fuchs (translates to Little Foxes) is a bright vibrant yarn, including golds and oranges, as well as lime and turquoise.  It is a marvelous contrast to Piano Bar.

Each kit will include one ball of each, as that is all that IknowJack needed in her original.