A Year of Diamonds/ Pattern by Kristi

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A truly stunning piece!

A set of needles, a length of yarn, a handful of beads and a bit of time -- you end up with an amazingly glorious shawl that will enhance and delight and could even pass down through the generations....

Kristi has created a real beauty here with A Year of Diamonds -- here is how she describes it:

My love of the diamond motif has carried through my latest shawl designs in 2012 and ♦A Year of Diamonds♦ is the queen! Undulating lace wave patterns in the body of this crescent shape shawl transition into a border full of diamonds crowned by the flowery edge. Beads in the border and edging add that special sparkle to the diamonds and their crowning glory. Enjoy!


Charts and written row by row instructions are included as well as detailed crochet edging and blocking instructions.

Measurements and yarn usage is determined by weight of yarn, needle size and blocking techniques.

For example, the smaller size used 366 yds of lace on US#4(3.5mm) needles, measured 54” x 17” and; 450 yds of fingering weight on US#5(3.75mm) needles.

The large size used 678 yds of lace on US #4, measured 68” x 21”; and 620 yds of fingering weight on US #5, measured 72” x 21”.

Gauge and blocking are the key factors in size and yarn usage differences as individual knitting and blocking techniques vary greatly. So if you are a relaxed lace knitter, be sure to have an extra 10% on hand :)


The first five photos we show here was knit by "our" Cindersall using one skein of Tosh Lace (in the colorway Flashdance).


The small size would need 440 beads and the larger one 572 -- in lace weight, that would be size 8/0s, in fingering weight 6/0s.

This is lovely lovely lovely!