Yukata: From Noro:3 Colorways + Pattern Suggestions

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These are absolutely gorgeous. 

I quote Noro here:  

A yukata (in Japanese 浴 衣, literally: 浴 bath and 衣 dress) is a "bath dress" or "bathing robe". Such a cotton summer kimono serves as an uncomplicated, lighter and everyday variant of a kimono that is worn often at summer festivals with fireworks.

The colors are truly exquisite and photos barely do it justice.

Yukata is a delicate silk, wool, poly blend is the perfect fine weight to knit up at a gauge of 23-26 stitches per 4 inches on US 3-5 (2.25-3.75 mm) needles.

The colors will fly off your needles.


Each ball (yes, already wound for you) is made up of 50% silk + 25% wool + 25% nylon and gives you a most generous 787 yards (720m) per 200g ball.  

We have three colorways you might like to choose from. Each gives the long runs of vibrant colors that Noro is famous for. 

1. Color 5: Tokyo: Here the colors fall into mostly the blue family with some highlights of otehr hues too.  I see primarily turquoise, royal blue, teal, rust, gray and teal.  

2.  Color 8 Kyoto: The overall look is in the rose family with colors including pale pink, watermelon, bubblegum, blush, fuschsia, red, cobalt and lilac.  

3. Color 14 Osaka: I see a sunset in this colorway.  Gold and orange, fuschsia and brown, magenta and yellow -- this is a party in a skein of yarn!


Some pattern suggestions -- I selected these as the long color runs will work beautifully with each of these, as well as the fact that they are all written for sport weight yarn: 

Ernst Ludwig

Gentle Waves 

Kiku Dragon Shawl 

Hespera Cowl 


Quadra Cowl

Caroline Cowl