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#117: Marigold-Brown
#117: Marigold-Brown
#119: Blue-Purple-Magenta
#119: Blue-Purple-Magenta
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Zalesic is a beautiful new stole design by Aline of Skeinwalker Knits


Please be sure to get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here What we offer is kits in the yarn as described below. 


The Design

Here is what Aline writes: 

There’s a chill in the air. As I walk the mountain trail, the early signs are there: Nature prepares for its annual color show. Yes, autumn! While leaves are still green and grasses yellow after the warmth of summer, I welcome the change of season and the promise of a bright and colorful time. A majesty of red, orange, yellow, and even burgundy will unfold right before my eyes.

The Zalesić stole / shawl is inspired by autumn and by Shetland knitting traditions. Garter-based lacy stitch patterns dance their way up the stole / shawl. They form shapes like small leaves and slender grasses. Are you ready for color?! Come along to play and admire it all!

For best effect, use a round yarn with good stitch definition. Yarn weights ranging from Lace to Worsted would be suitable. As for colorways, I would recommend solid, semi-solid, speckled, gradient yarns, or a self-striping yarn with a long color repeat.

Yarn and Colorways

Aline's original was knit in Zauberball with it very very long color runs.  Our yarn is a bit different.  You can see what we have in the lower right-hand corner of the top photo on this page and again below that. 

Linie 97 Starwool Lace Color is an awesomely delicious feeling yarn that can be categorized as either a heavy lace weight or a very light fingering weight.

It doesn't have the very long color runs of Zauberball but it does have moderately long color runs. And the colors are really pretty spectacular. 

So picture this stole with a few more color changes --- this yarn should work spectacularly for it.

Each ball gives 415 yards/ 50g of 100% virgin wool.  The smaller size would need two balls (this kit).  If you want the larger size, double it by ordering two kits.  

Each kit will include two balls of the colorway of your choice. 

We brought in two colorways:

#117 Marigold -Brown:  This has similar colors to the original piece Aline knit.  I see the colors of a sunset, fiery and warm: gold and orange, magenta and rose, a bit of orange, a bit of brown.  

#119 Purple-Blue-Magenta: This is a combination of cool colors, including variations of blues and purple, with lilac and rose. 



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