Zig Zag Scribble: A Brioche Design (Kit)

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Kit A:  left to right, the Monokrom in greens, Ibiza Sands, Monokrom again, Carnival in Rio
Kit A: left to right, the Monokrom in greens, Ibiza Sands, Monokrom again, Carnival in Rio
Kit B: left to right is Musas, Bella Vista, Wild Violet, Bella Vista
Kit B: left to right is Musas, Bella Vista, Wild Violet, Bella Vista
Leslie Anne's original shawl
Leslie Anne's original shawl

My personal knitting is full of brioche projects; I simply love the rhythm of them and the squishiness and warm of the finished piece.  So I am a big fan of Lesley Anne Robinson of Knit Graffiti Designs as she has been exploring brioche more and more lately even to the extent of offering some great on-line classes.  

This is her latest, Zig Zag Scribble and the pattern is on sale until Valentine's Day so it seems especially apt to put together some kits for it today. 


Leslie Anne's Ravelry page.  What we offer is yarn to knit this beauty in. 


The Design

Here is how she describes this shawl: 

Zig Zag and Scribble your way through this two-color brioche shawl!

Never-ending amusement awaits you in this deep asymmetrical triangle shawl, with an all-over zig zag brioche lace stitch pattern, perfect for showcasing artisan hand-dyed yarns.

And she also mentions: 

If you have not yet tried knitting brioche, fear not!! This shawl may look complicated, but the zigs and zags are made by increasing and decreasing the brioche stitches and are so much fun once you learn! This pattern is written so that ANYONE can knit it, with photo tutorials and links to videos teaching some of the techniques. I also offer an online course, Mastering Brioche with Knit Graffiti!

Yarn and Colorways

I spent some time studying what yarns and colors Leslie Anne put together to make her original shawl.  We are not offering those same yarns or colors but instead have put together others that will work well. We show them in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. 

All of the colorways she chose are variegated, with bright and vivid hues.  She selected three different colors:  two skeins of one for the Contrast Color and two different colored skeins for rhe Main Color -- though similar, one being darker than the other. Each of her skeins had roughly 400 yards (366m) per 100g.  

Our selections: 


Our Kit AWhere all of Leslie Anne's colorways had some orange to them, all of ours for this kit have green to them.  The Contrast Color was selected so that it would stand out from the others, of course. 

1. For one of the Main Colors :  from KFI's Luxury Collection comes this Indulgence Hand-Painted Fingering yarn, made up of 75% SuperWash Merino Wooll/ 25% Nylon, each skein with 494 yards/ 100g.  The colorway combines blocks of color with speckles. 

This colorway is called Carnival in Rio and on a cream background there are splashes of green and strawberry, purple and lilac, some splatterings o lime and orange and gold and teal. 

2.  One the other of the Main Colors:  Again, a colorway of Indulgence Hand-Painted Fingering this time in Ibiza Sands, with stretches and speckles of pale green and aqua and Capril blue.

3.  The Contrast Colorway is from Urth Yarns, their hand dyed Monokrom Fingering with 435 yards (400m) of 100% extrafine superwash merino.  The colorway is simply labeled #3065 and is a tonal play on greens, light to dark  (two skeins will be in the kit)


Our Kit B includes something of the purple family in each skein.  

1. As one Main Color: From Malabrigo we brought in a colorway of Mechita, which is a 100% superwash merino with 420 yards (385m)/ 100g.   The colorway is called Musas and is a variegated beauty including deep indigo, purple, turquoise, and teal predominantly. 

2.  The other Main Color is from Mountain Colors, their Silkdance, of 75% merino wool/ 25% silk and 430 yards per skein.  The colorway is called Wild Violet and blends purples and violets and lilacs with blues and turquoise and teal.  

3. Two skeins of Bella Vista will be included as the Contrast Color.  This is a bright mix of happy colors on a cream background including aster, wisteria, sky blue, grass green, lime and chartreuse.