Ziggy: Kits + Bead Option

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Beautiful Liar (two skeins per kit)
Beautiful Liar (two skeins per kit)
Beta Crucis
Beta Crucis
Joji's original Ziggy shawl.
Joji's original Ziggy shawl.

A most lovely shawl by Joji Locatelli, her new Ziggy is a wonderful vacation/ summer knit. 

Here I quote Joji: 

I love designing with multiple colors… but sometimes all I want is a classic triangular shawl in one beautiful color.

This one is extremely simple to make, alternating bands of garter stitch and zigzagging lace. Ziggy is the perfect 2 skein shawl.


Please be sure to get the pattern directly from her on her Ravelry pageWhat we have put together here are some yarns that will knit up beautifully.


Our Yarns

These are not the same as what Joji used in her original.  You can see these in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

The yarn in our kits is from Madeline Tosh, their Tosh Merino Light + Holo Glitter✨ - Speckles, made up of 90% Merino wool / 8% Acrylic / 2% Stellina and with 420 yards | 384 meters per skein.  

The stellina is a silver, soft and comforting while still catching the light gloriously.  

These are gorgeous!

We offer a few colorways.  Each kit will include two skeins of your choice.  

1. Matcha is a tonal colorway on a base of pale moss, with sages and grays playing together and golden speckles. (Sorry, sold out)

2.  Beautiful Liar is a tonal play on violets, including orchid and lilac and violet, with deeper speckles of fuchsia and purple and occasional red.  

3.  Beta Crucis is a very dramatic colorway and will give you an amazingly vibrant shawl.   I see it as pink and green variegated overdyed in deep purples and blacks. Truly this one gives quite a look! (Sorry, sold out)



Not part of the pattern but I could see them looking awesome in among the lace work. 

If you'd like to add some beads, we are offering that option via the drop-down menu labeled "Kit."  It will be up to you where you place them -- you'll have about 250 to play with.

If you have a preference on color for your beads, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you.