Aimatia/ Pattern by Susanna IC

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Oh this is so very lovely!

A gorgeous new design by Susanna IC, this shawl named Aimatia is one that I simply love.

A few months back, this had been a Mystery KAL with Susannah's Ravelry group and so many great knitters did it in so many different yarns with so many unique and glorious looks! Take a look at the project pages for Aimatia -- whoosh! The beauty is amazing.


To quote Susannah:

The inspiration for this shawl came from the incredible tulip fields in Netherlands. The flowers seem to go on for miles, infinite, much like an ocean painted in a fantastic array of colors and you can find yourself lost in a veritable rainbow of brilliant hues. While you marvel at the endless variety of colors and shapes, you suddenly understand why a spring flower became a national obsession and such a valuable commodity in the 1600’s.

Aimatia, Latin name meaning ‘from garden of flowers’, is a crescent shawl worked from the top down starting with a section of stockinette short rows. The lace begins with simple shapes reminiscent of flower bulbs, which grow into strong stems and leaves, much like a real tulip plant. Finally, the blooms open at the top of the plants and give Aimatia its pretty ornamental edge.

Glass seed beads outline the floral shapes and add beautiful sparkle to the lace; however, they are completely optional and the shawl will look great even without the beads.


For this top-down crescent shawl, you can choose to use lace or fingering weight yarn.

For the large size (21' x 66" finished measurements) you will need between 820 and 880 yards. For the small (15"x 43"), figure on approximately 350 to 410 yards.

The beads that will work best are size 8/0 beads for lace weight or 6/0 beads for fingering -- you will want about 1300 beads for the large or 550 for the small (see above for our bead gift offer).

So have a glorious time browsing for yarn for this -- email if you'd like some suggestions.

This is simply stunning.