Alexandra/ Pattern by Dee O'Keefe

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You can choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern (instead of the hard copy printed out) -- your choice.  


A beautiful design by Dee O'Keefe, offered here as the pattern itself, as it works so beautifully with both fingering weight yarn and (we have found) even lace weight.

So you can make your selection of yarn -- there are some lovely ones available -- and play with this design.

And make an heirloom.


About the pattern: And here I quote Dee, in her description:

Alexandra is a top-down, triangular lace shawl with great texture and bold design. This shawl was designed specifically for fingering weight, hand-dyed yarn, although the design will look lovely knitted up in solid colors as well.

Alexandra is offered as a 15-page, charted pattern with large, easy-to-read charts and detailed instructions on how to use them. Even knitters who have not previously used charts should find these user-friendly and simple to comprehend. But if you have any questions or comments, pattern support is my pleasure and is always available.

For your convenience, the pattern includes separate charts for two sizes: a full-sized shawl and a smaller shawlette... Also included is an instruction sheet “How to Block a Lace Shawl.”

Working with hand-dyed yarn can be challenging when two or more skeins are involved, as there always seems to be a line of demarcation wherever the new skein is added. I don’t like alternating skeins but love the uniqueness of hand-dyed yarn, so I decided to incorporate the inherent differences between skeins into the design of the larger shawl size. A contrasting yarn color may also be used for the border on either size.

Because the shawl size requires two skeins of most fingering weight yarns, you can work the body with the first skein and switch to the second skein at the border. What might have looked like a mistake if the skeins were changed elsewhere now looks like an artistic design decision!

Construction Notes: Alexandra starts at the center back of the neck and is knit down to the bottom edge. There is a three-stitch garter border on each side, four yarn-over increases on each right-side row and a center stitch separating each half. Patterning is done on the right side rows only, with all wrong side rows being purled between the garter borders.

Blocked Size: Shawl 68” x 34”; Shawlette 52” x 26” in the Tosh Merino Light yarn


Notice that the size is easily customizable from shawlette to full size shawl, with two different body designs available.

The shawls pictured used approximately 650 yards of fingering weight yarn on US #5 (3.75mm) needles. Please note that test knitters used between 600 and 760 yards depending on yarn, needle size and individual knitting style, so if you have 2 skeins of fingering/sock yarn or equivalent yardage, you will certainly have enough.

What we offer here is the hard copy of the pattern, all 15 pages printed out for you on heavy weight paper and slid into a sheet protector.

And the chance to select some stunning yarns to make it with.

There are no limits here -- use your imagination and soar!