Ariana's Rings/Beaded Shawl Pattern

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This one really sings to me.

A stunning design by Kristi Holaas, here is how she describes Ariana's Rings:

Ariana, Goddess of Color and Emotion, is an opportunity to combine two unique contrasting colors, and/or yarn textures!

A half circle design in a two color easy slipped stitch stockinette pattern with lace border, optional beads and beaded crochet bind off.

Kristi describes this as of medium difficulty level. It comes with both written and charted instructions, and requiring either fingering or lace weight yarn. The pattern gives you two size options.

Yarn requirements range from 200 to 250 yards of Color A for the small (depending onyour choice of options) and 300 yards of Color B if you do a single border; 425 yards with a double border. Similarly the large uses 350 yards of Color A and between 425 and 575 yards in Color B.

When I noticed that the pattern doesn't give finished measurements for the sizes I queried Kristi on this. She wrote: "Actual measurements...obviously depend on weight of yarn, gauge, etc. but in fingering the small with one border measures 46" x 21", border adds 3.5" in depth and 7" at top border width; large with two border measures 60" x 26" and one border length measures 3.5" and would take away 3.5" in depth, 7" in width."

This also need beads (! well, of course!). If you use lace weight yarn, then go for 8/0 beads; fingering weight requires 6/0 beads. You will want 400 for the small with one border repeat, and 650 for the large with 2 repeats. The beads are added with a very thin crochet hook or similar tool.

Obviously, if you so choose you can get the pattern directly as a PDF file from Kristi via her Ravelry web page.


The price on this web page will get you the pattern emailed to you (just be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you so it might take a bit of time for me to get to it).

Or if you would like a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that -- it is slightly more expensive to cover the costs of printing and shipping (without it, no shipping fee is charged as an emailed pattern does not require that).


A most lovely pattern, very clearly written, to create a most spectacular piece.