Thoughts on Color Contrast (or not)


My default patterns for summer knitting are hats, almost always done in brioche style. They are small, easily portable, and do not add heat to my lap as I work on them.

Plus the brioche makes them reversible and double-layered so they are amazingly squishy and quite warm come the cold weather.  I find it is easy to find very happy recipients once they are done!

So for the last week or so I've been working on Katrin Schubert's Mood of March, , using some extra skeins Arroyo and Ella Rae that are almost the same as we have in our kit for Brioche Woodgrain Scarf

I have been enjoying how the colors kind of play peek-a-boo just like sunlight through autumn leaves as the variegated colorways of the two yarns, while usually contrasting well, do on occasion "meet" in very similar hue.

Well, I happened to notice that I have another hat done in a very similar style, also brioche and also leaves, though I don't really recall the exact pattern.  And for this one the two colors remain very strong contrast throughout.  I took a photo to show the difference in the look in the finished piece.

Interesting, no? There is something I really like about both; quite different moods.

Two Hats in Brioche