Bead Stew Bracelet/ Pink is for Awareness

Our original bracelet.  Bead mixes and crystal mixes are variable, as mentioned.
Our original bracelet. Bead mixes and crystal mixes are variable, as mentioned.
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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and we thought it would be very apt to offer a Pink bracelet in honor of those who are fighting the fight, those who have survived and those who have passed on.

However, there is no reason to limit our awareness of this to October alone. 

We put together a most glorious piece (if I do say so myself), with pink thread and pink beads and lots of crystals in all sorts of shapes and sizes and types. And because we love to vary hues to get greater depth, there is more than just pink pinks -- there are roses and fuchsias, crystals, some with rainbow finishes and even a touch of lavender. 

Bear in mind that beads and crystals go in and out of availability -- and each mix is made my hand.  Yours may vary but the overall look will be the same.

We can also give you silver thread in your kit if you would prefer -- that would also look quite lovely indeed.


Unfortunately we have no more of the pink ribbon shaped toggle clasp which you see in the photo of the bracelet here.

Instead we will include a different toggle clasp of silver tone.


Make sure the drop-down menu is set to your choice).  The pattern is exactly the same as with other Bead Soup Bracelets and Bead Stew Bracelets. 

The kit will include thread (either pink or silver), beads similar to what you see in these photos, and one silvertone clasp. 

A potent symbol of solidarity and awareness and hope, my sisters....