Beaded Drawstring Purse/ Kit

(photo used with designers permission)
(photo used with designers permission)
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From the genius of Sivia Harding, a wonderful project -- a very well-written and easy-to-follow tutorial on beaded knitting that yields you a wonderful finished product in the form of a little purse.

This beaded purse includes several techniques for knitting beads into fabric. After you finish knitting this sampler, you will know lots of ways to knit with beads, including how to make beaded fringe!

There is also an option for adding larger 8mm glass beads as part of the drawstring fringe.

What we offer here is a kit for Sivia's tutorial with almost everything you need for this -- a small amount of fingering weight yarn, a set of beads to make this with, a dental floss threader.

Each will include::

1. One skein of a Unicorn Tail from Madeline Tosh.  This is 100% merino, a small skein of 52 yards of their Tosh Light fingering weight yarn.  We have limited colors so please allow me to choose one for you (if you have strong preferences or dislikes, let me know and we'll do our best). 

2. The needed beads, in colors to match and to contrast with the yarn:  size 6/0 or equivalent, a main color bead (at least 256 in each kit) and a bead in an accent color, possibly another shape for interest, at least 40.  We will also include some larger beads (2) for the optional fringe. 

3. A dental floss threader

In addition, all you need is a very thin crochet hook which we carry on another web page.  If you need help choosing one, simply contact us and I'll make suggestions.  Any that are 0.6mm or thinner would work just fine. 

(The kit also does not include the needed knitting needles.) 

This is a wonderful little project and the finished item makes a lovely gift as well. One friend of mine has made many of these which she then fills with potpourri for delicious scents.

The Pattern

The pattern is not automatically part of this kit.

We offer three ways to get the pattern for this.  

You can get it from Sivia, either on her Ravelry page or her website. In this case, set our drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed" as you will not be getting it from us.

If you would like a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that.

We also offer the pattern as a downloadable PDF.