Beaded Knitting: Using A Crochet Hook


This is a great beaded knitting technique for adding beads as you go along. (à la minute, as the French would say). This technique doesn’t require planning ahead, but since the fiber will now pass doubled through each bead you’re slightly limited in the beads and yarn weights you can use.

This technique is great for:

  • Size 8/0s - lace weight
  • Size 6/0s (or equivalent) - lace, fingering, and occasionally heavier yarns
  • Size 5/0s (both round and triangle) - up to light worsted
  • Size 3/0 and 2/0 - these are even larger and can be used on heavier yarns


You should always run a test to be sure everything will fit nicely.

Bead quality is really important, particularly for this technique. We recommend (and carry) Miyuki and Toho because of their high standards and extremely consistent hole sizes. That’s not to say you can’t use beads from another manufacturer. If you have beads you love, try them out! Just keep in mind that you may end up with some that just won’t fit.

When you get to where you’d like to add a bead, use your thin crochet hook (sizes 14 and 16 are often used) to grab a bead.

From the left-hand needle, capture the stitch you want to add the bead to.

Hook it over the end of the crochet hook.Using the hook to hold your stitch somewhat taut, carefully thread the bead over the loop of yarn.

Here's a close up of the bead over the yarn.

Return the loop to the left needle. Now continue to knit as you would normally. (Sometimes designers change the sequence slightly, e.g. having you knit the stitch first and then add the bead.)

Here you see the bead incorporated with the knitting. Easy and striking, yes?

Beaded knitting is a great technique to add to your knitting. Take a look at the projects below if you’d like to take this technique for a test drive.