Beads on the Vine/Earrings/an I-Cord Design by Sivia and Ellen

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And here we have the matching earrings to knit along with the necklace!

A great i-cord design, with the beads popping in a most intriguing way, made to match the necklace of the same name.

The kit will include a spool of Silk Serica or a similar thread. If you have a preference, let us know. Only a small amount is needed.

You will want to use double pointed size 0 (US)/ 2.0mm needles (not included in the kit).

Each kit will include at least 10 grams of a Bead Stew mixture (choose from the drop-down menu below). Only 60 beads are needed for this design.

We will also include two sets of ear wires and either jump rings or split rings -- you might choose not to use these but you'll have them.

So basically, in this one kit you will probably be getting enough supplies for two sets of earrings, depending of course on how long you decide to make them.

Oh! And four drop beads for that added fillip at the ends, enough for two sets of beauties!

A simple and very fast and rewarding project. Sure to garner compliments....