Candelabra Crescent: Pattern by Marsha White

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Here we introduce a design by Marsha White, part of her Provenance Knits series.

Here is how she describes this beautiful Candelabra Crescent:

The inspiration for the Candelabra Crescent design was from the Japanese book 1000 Knitting Patterns Book. The diamond motif in lace and purl/twisted stitches reminded me of elegant candelabras. Between the tops of the diamonds, a lacy mesh creates twinkling lace “lights”. The scalloped lace border adds a few more curves to the crescent.

After the main lace section is worked, short rows are used to shape the top portion of the shawl, using a simple purl and twisted stitch rib. Shaped in a crescent, the shawl sits gracefully on the shoulders.

Knit in fingering weight, the shawl can be decoratively joined in the center. The version in DK yarn is wider and can be casually draped over the shoulder, or left at the sides in swirling scallops of lace.

This pattern is rated as for Intermediate knitters. And be aware that you will need to knit from charts.

It is written so that you can knit it in fingering weight or DK weight yarn, your choice. You will need about 400 yards of fingering weight or about 530 yards of DK. 

You could get this as a printed copy or as a pdf of the pattern.  Make your selection from the drop-down menu above.  The pdf will be available for you to download in your account on our website.

What a gorgeous piece! I am delighted to be able to offer it.