Draconis: Pattern by Nim Teasdale

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You can choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice. 


This is a real beauty!

By Nim Teasdale, this is called Draconis, a theme very close to my own heart.  

The Design

Here is what Nim writes: 

Draconis is an elegant semi-circular shawl inspired by Edith Nesbit’s wonderful collection of short stories The Book of Dragons.

Hidden in the design you can find scales, claws, teeth and gouts of fiery breath. :)

The lace is designed to be easier than it looks, and to experiment with stitch bias, so it does fun things with shiny yarn.

The Yarn and Colorways

Nim writes also that the pattern suits lace to fingering weight, and has some flexibility as to yardage.

The pattern is written as approx 3/5 of a circle, however it can be adapted to alter the number wedges and use more or less yarn.  She covers this on her project notes.  Plus the final 30 rows are an optional extension - you can bind off on any row throughout this section and still have a decorative edge.

Her original shawl as shown here used 608m (665y) of a fingering weight yarn and measures 138x65cm (55x25in) after blocking.

Beads are optional for this shawl.

As there are variables in how you knit the pattern, Nim let us know that there are 48 beads per wedge.  If you simply knit the pattern as written, you will need 912 in total.