Evenstar Shawl/ Pattern from Sunflower Designs

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You can now choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice.  


This one is simply breathtaking!

Another from Susan Pandorf's Fellowship of the Ring collection, this is a beaded lace creation that is just magnificent.

Here is what Susan says:

"The shawl is a full sized round one inspired by Arwen’s Evenstar from Lord of the Rings. Shawl takes 1500 yards of laceweight, and requires an intermediate level of skill; no expertise required, just patience. Written & charted directions.

"...A strong yarn is recommended as this pattern is a large one with much wear & tear on the yarn.

"There is optional beading on the outside edge of the piece.Bead count is 3000."

This one is amazing. Figure on size 8/0 beads -- that way the beads do not weight down the fabric of the shawl. Susan used size 3 US needles on hers, and gives swatch directions at the end of the pattern. Plus lots of very helpful data throughout.

If you would like our help putting together a kit for this, email us and we'll work with you.

This one will be an heirloom.


P.S. We work with The Unique Sheep to put together some amazing kits for this beauty. If you would like more data or would like one specially dyed for you, just contact me and we'll set it up.

Tremendous fun!