Feather and Fan Club/ Jane Thornley

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An entirely new way to play with Feather & Fan from Jane Thornley!

This is a similar idea to her Let's Knit A Beach KAL -- a substantial print-out with all sorts of wonderful information and ideas plus patterns to make.

Here is what she wrote to me:

"Celebrate F&F’s release from stodgy captivity with three patterns that capture the stitch's true spirit. Here, she's a nature sprite, born of field and glen, leaping from the ferny shadows to ripen colors on the vine in gleeful sprays of light and color. Give her lovely yarn to play with and she’s pure poetry netted in stitch.

"Join her fan club with these three distinct designs. Her exuberant nature is released in the popular Organic Wrap design (updated with a few extras), is touched with a wee bit of Highland glory in the new Ripenings Wrapped Shrug, and slips into something richly evocative in the new Roving Moss cardigan....

"Indulge your love of yarn as you blend colors, experiment with textures, and learn how to turn knitting into magic."

Choose between a hard copy (printed and mailed) or a PDF via the drop-down menu above. 

And yes, you read it right! There are three designs in printout as well as a wealth of data about how to make each your own most glorious creation.

The photo to the upper right here is called Roving Moss Cardigan -- a gorgeous design made primarily of (you guessed it!) Feather & Fan. There is also a close-up detail of it below as well as a photo of its back.

The one that is purples and rosy colors is called The Ripenings Wrapped Shrug. Quite intriguing, no? Beautiful! And you can see other close-up details of it in the other photos.

The Organic Wrap is an old favorite re-vamped for this pattern. This one is quite spectacular in any incarnation.